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IFinance 4 (My Finance) is a powerful personal finance management software. IFinance4 allows you to keep track of your income and expenses in the most convenient and efficient way possible. Just take a quick look at the actual assessment and chart features, and you'll instantly know where you're spending your money, your revenue streams - and optimize your finances with ease! IFinance's automatic categorization, keywords, budgeting, and analysis capabilities turn your bank's financial history into a stronger list than your net data. Do you want to know how your assets are performing, or why your bank account is always running out on a fixed basis but not knowing where your monthly salary is going? IFinance 4 has all the answers. Is it current consumption such as rent or mortgage, insurance, food or borrowing? Or do nights out with friends, perks, impulse buys, and tobacco products add up to huge bills? Let iFinance 4 analyze your finances and see immediately what your biggest purchases are and where the potential savings lie. Online features and imports Import your transactions as CSV-, QIF-, OFX-, or MT940 files to view all transactions in iFinance. IFinance can also print the transfer form. German bank customers can use HBCI import and HBCI banking services. WiFi or iCloud syncing Synchronize your data between your Mac, iPhone, and iPad via iCloud or integrated WiFi. The integrated WiFi synchronization feature also allows you to use and edit databases together as multiple users. This is useful if you are in charge of the financial affairs of a club or organization, or if you have to manage bank accounts with others. Charts, reports, budgets, and budget analysis IFinance 4 offers a wide range of easily customizable charts and reports. Based on your specifications, iFinance analyzes where your money comes from and where it goes. Use the budget function to find out your balance for the month or whether you managed to leave enough money to spend at the end of the month. A budget can also be created for a specific category, such as a monthly budget for clothing, groceries, or a night at the movies.

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