Royal TSX

computermacOS >= 10.12
Support Big Sur Non Silicon M1


The Royal TSX 4 MAC Hack is a powerful remote connection management tool for The MAC. Compatible with multiple connection types, such as RDP, VNC, sSH-based terminals, SFTP/FTP/SCP or Web-based connection management, Royal TSX can meet your requirements! Built-in credentials management, secure team-sharing capabilities, and sharing connection lists without having to share your personal credentials. Royal TSX is operated in the way of integrating plug-ins. Before use, it needs to be installed through the plug-in center of the software, including plug-ins: Remote Desktop, VNC, TeamViewer, iTerm2, WEB, File Transfer, VMware, HyperV, Windows Events View, Windows Services, Windows Processes, Terminal Services, PowerShell, etc. Official price: 320 yuan

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