Dynamic Wallpaper

computermacOS >= 10.12
Support Big Sur Support Silicon M1


Dynamic Wallpaper Engine is a video Wallpaper for Macs. Say goodbye to drab static Wallpaper and embrace lively Dynamic Wallpaper. Built-in online video library, one click to download the application, can also import local video, and video can be set as your computer screensaver. # # # # # - 900+ beautiful video material, keep updating, you don't have to spend time looking for material. - Video material classification: 4K super clear, cartoon, natural culture, adorable animals, game world, creative video, charming beauty, ancient style, film and television stars, etc., there is always a suitable style for you. - Support "keyword search", search your favorite dynamic wallpaper. - Support "add playlist", single loop, list loop, random play mode. - Supports regular switching, automatically switching dynamic wallpaper every half hour/hour/day. - support dynamic screensaver, personalized lock screen, pretend bility full. - One key to import local video, easy and fast. - Supports multiple screen aspect ratios and raw resolutions. - Supports multiple monitors with different dynamic wallpapers. - Turn on intelligent control, automatically pause when using other apps, and do not be disturbed when working. - When the power is not connected to the power, it automatically stops, saving power. - Support for hidden desktop ICONS for an immersive experience. - Zero App learning cost, simple interaction, and the pursuit of the best experience. -Dynamic Wallpaper is designed to provide an interesting experience while occupying as little system resources as possible.

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