computermacOS >= OS X 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor
Support Big Sur Support Silicon M1
44.69 MB


The Screens 4 for macOS is a remote desktop management tool. Support for VNC connections, allowing you to control any computer from anywhere in the world via Mac, support for multiple monitors, and support for drag-and-drop transfer of files from Mac to other Macs, Windows, Linux PCS, or Raspberry Pi. Main functions - Installing Screens Connect on your Mac or Windows PC is at least as easy as anywhere in the world. - When accessing your Mac, hide its desktop. - Share files between Macs by dragging and dropping. -Screens can be linked back to your computer through secure connections. - To connect or share sessions with other Mac users. - Supporting multiple Screens, through Screens, you can select one or all at once. - Exchange rich text, urls, images, and so on via local or remote clipboards. The Screens can also keep them in sync. - Support Touch Bar, convenient adaptive shortcut key operation, convenient fingertip operation. - Group saved screens and keep everything organized. More features - Single point user password - Syncing content via iCloud or Dropbox - Adaptive quality - Support URL Scheme (RFC 2396) - SSH secret keys are supported - Observation mode and control mode - Trigger Angle support - Send a command to the computer before disconnecting

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