Mach Desktop

computermacOS >= 10.12
Support Big Sur Non Silicon M1


Mach Desktop 3 is a Mac dynamic wallpaper application that supports multiple monitors. Mach Desktop had 50 beautiful dynamic themes; Allows you to load your own videos, GIFs, or quartz works as wallpapers, and can add more than 30 different widgets to the desktop. Choose from a wide variety of carefully crafted dynamic themes, including: space, fantasy, architecture, fields, nature, vacations, aquariums, fireplaces, abstract themes, and more! Mach Desktop also has GPU acceleration support, so themes use little or no CPU, freeing up your machine for other tasks. You can add 30+ widgets from widget Manager to the desktop! Select a widget and set its size, font, foreground, and background colors, then easily place the widget wherever you want on the desktop. Include time, date, current weather, 12-hour forecast, 5-day forecast, various clocks, etc. You can even use web widgets to add web pages to the desktop, and you can easily add your own custom text widgets (including emoticons) to the desktop. Don't want to add and customize widgets yourself? No problem! Mach Desktop can automatically add widgets for positioning, coloring, and customization for each individual theme.

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