Logic Pro X

computermacOS >= OS X 10.13.6 or later, 64-bit processor
Support Big Sur Support Silicon M1
1.03 GB
Apple Music


Logic Pro X is a fully functional professional recording studio on the Mac. Everything a musician needs, from playing the first note to the final master, is in hand. Provides music composition, recording, editing, sound modification and mixing and other powerful music production functions. It brings you enough software for Musical Instruments and audio processing plugins to allow you to make any style of music! From POP to R&B, from Blues to hip-hop, from House Dance to DubStep! Everything is under your control! Logic Pro is the most advanced version of Logic ever. Sophisticated and creative tools developed around a modern interface can be used for professional music creation, beat compilation, editing and mixing to get results quickly and help you when needed. Logic Pro includes a wide variety of instruments, effects, passages, and samples, forming a complete toolkit that allows you to create music that sounds great. Professional music creation - Record and edit MIDI or audio using a full set of editors and tools - Use Flex Pitch to correct inconsistent vocal sounds and to change the melody of recorded audio - Use Flex Time to easily handle the timing and speed of any recording - Use intelligent speed to import audio and make it automatically conform to project BPM - Use Logic Remote to play and mix music anywhere in the room on an iPad or iPhone Drum music creation and beat compilation - Build and play your own Drum set using the Drum Machine Designer - Use a stepping sequencer to compile beats, bass harmonies, and melodies - Use drummers (virtual players and beat producers) to create realistic acoustic, electronic, or hip-hop drum tracks # # # # # sample - Use Sampler to quickly create and edit complex multi-sampling instruments - Import a single audio file or record directly into the Quick Sampler to quickly build playable instruments Keyboard and synthesizer - A series of synthesizers offering simulation, wave table, frequency modulation, addition, particle, spectrum and modeling synthesis can greatly stimulate your inspiration - Playing classic organ, keyboard and retro synthesizer simulation model - Instantly transform simple chords into rich performance with automatic arpeggios Guitar and bass equipment - Build your own guitar or bass equipment using classical and modern amplifiers, speakers, and microphones through the Amp Designer - Custom pedals are designed using a series of delay, distortion, and modulation pedal turntables Ideas and effects - Access a range of professional classical and modern delays, equalizers, and compressors - Play sound through a variety of realistic acoustic Spaces or creative synthetic reverberations - Use various modulation effects to add motion effects to the track The ##### sound repository - More than 4,300 Musical Instruments and effect patches - 1800 precision sampling instruments - More than 10,000 Apple segments of various types # # # # # compatibility - Expand your library of Musical Instruments and effects with third-party plugins compatible with audio units - Import and export XML to support the Final Cut Pro workflow ##### storage requirements - Minimal installation: 6GB of available storage/Full Sound Repository installation: 72GB of storage

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