computermacOS >= OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor
Support Big Sur Support Silicon M1
26.88 MB


Caffeinated prevents your MAC from going into hibercountry, darkens the screen, or turns on the screen saver. Does your screen always dim when you don't want it to? Well, Caffeinated is the best way to solve your big problem. Caffeinated is developed based on Caffeine, a very convenient and useful tool. Caffeinated studies bring classic functions back to your Mac. Caffeinated is not only very convenient, but also easy to use. Simply click the icon in the menu bar to prevent the screen from going to sleep. You can also find important timer options and Settings in the menu. # # # # # - One-click activation (left or right click option) - Can be managed through the coffee cup icon in the menu bar - Integrate the timer with optional notifications - Optimize for the retina screen - Compatible with dark color mode - Takes almost no memory or processor - Optional automatic activation when connected to charger - Optional automatic shutdown when battery drops below 20% - You can choose to turn off automatically when you disconnect the charger - Synchronizes with the system tone - Compatible with all current macOS versions - Optimized for macOS Catalina Important note The anti-sleep feature won't work when you close the MacBook screen.

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