computermacOS >= macOS 10.12 or later 64-bit
Support Big Sur Non Silicon M1
12.65 MB


Windows Switcher is a powerful Mac desktop window switching tool and window management tool. When you have multiple applications running on a Mac with many Windows open, it's hard to manage clutter and not work efficiently. Manually switching between Windows and placing them on the screen can waste a lot of time. Windows Switcher provides a variety of tools to quickly switch and manage Mac desktop Windows. Use 'Command + Tab' key to quickly call out the switch window, use 'Command + number' key, you can easily switch to the specified window, shortcut support custom. Also, with WindowSwitcher, you have complete control over any open window -- you can close, minimize, maximize, and you can restore any window. Windows Switcher also allows you to use gestures to move and resize Windows. For example, swiping from right to left with two fingers can place a window on the left side of the screen and resize it to 1/2 the size of the entire screen. As another example, swipe down to minimize the window, swipe up to minimize or minimize the window to full screen.

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