RAW Power

computermacOS >= OS X 10.14 or later, 64-bit processor
Support Big Sur Support Silicon M1
65.27 MB


RAWPower is a photo viewer and RAW editing tool. Can browse, sort, grade any folder of pictures on the disk, image lossless editing. Support for editing photos from photo library and fast syncing with iCloud photos. Main features: - Advanced RAW engine features unique adjustments to improve photos in a way that no other application can. - Organize and manage your photo library (you need Catalina), which is fully compatible with iCloud photo galleries, so you can synchronize library changes. - Fast independent image editor with the same excellent lossless RAW processing capability. - Filter by file type, rating, logo and edit status, rating and logo synced via iCloud photo! - Batch: Apply presets, paste adjustments and export images. Apply automatic enhancement or automatic white balance to many images at once. - Zoom in to 800% for extremely precise adjustment. - Create a photo library album, delete images and arrange images in the album. - Use a map to view metadata such as file names, shooting information, flash status, and location. - Browse through albums in folders or libraries on disk and select Favorites - Multiple Windows/tabs allow you to view different parts of the disk or library at once - Open and edit multiple files at once - Thumbnail grid, with tags for editing status, file types, levels, and flags - Filter by file type, edit status, rank, flag, and label - Can control the size, format, configuration file and name of the export - Use batch processing in the background to apply presets, paste adjustments, export, etc - Compatible with hundreds of cameras, including iPhone RAW. (see https://support.apple.com/zh-cn/HT210191). Does not support Fuji Synraw, supports most DNG. - Real-time control of Apple RAW, including noise reduction, black spots, gamut mapping, etc - Automatic enhancement, automatic white balance, automatic levels and automatic curves - Histogram with shear indicator and thermal pixel overlay - LUT (lookup table) with built-in look-and-feel and movie simulation, allowing customization! - Clipping and straightening, rotating and flipping, with sampler and automatic white balance - Highlights, shadows, brilliance, local contrast and the incredible "Lighten and darken" slider - Curves and levels. Curves have linear and laboratory models, as well as samplers - Depth effects enhance photos taken with a dual camera system - Color difference can correct lens artifact, perspective, black and white, adjust the center of the halo - Metal-based image processing engine for better performance. High precision, deep color imaging. - Completely lossless editing, with all changes stored in the side car - All sliders are real-time and GPU accelerated - Customizable presets and adjustments for copy/paste - Camera presets allow you to create a starting point for each camera model

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