computermacOS >= 10.15
Support Big Sur Support Silicon M1
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MainStage 3 has a full-screen interface optimized for live performance, flexible hardware controls, and a large number of plug-ins and sound effects that are fully compatible with Logic Pro, allowing you to take your Mac to the stage with you. The ultimate live show kit - Play live with 100 instruments, effects, and MIDI plug-ins, or use the audio unit plug-in - Add sound from Logic Pro and Library to bring studio sound to the stage - Supports the touch bar on the MacBook Pro, providing easy layout, editing, and performance controls - Combine the instrument with live audio, such as keyboard and vocal, to form a single Patch - Switching between multiple patches without stopping sound output or cutting off long notes - Various keyboard patches are designed using split and layered, automatic arpeggio and other MIDI plug-ins - Use "play" to play stereo or multi-track accompaniment tracks - The 64-bit architecture uses all the memory in the system to process larger sampled instruments Hardware control - Connect your favorite hardware and use it to play and control plug-ins - Use controllers with USB ports and MIDI capabilities, such as keyboards, pedals, and drum MATS - Use automatic device identification function to quickly set up various hardware - Quickly assign knobs, keys, and pusher on the hardware to screen controls - Manage complex devices using the Allocation and Mapping overview ##### is for the stage - Use a customizable, full-screen real-time interface to render only what you need during the performance - Make screen control suitable for each Patch through intelligent control - Intelligent control provides dynamic performance control changing with each Patch - High contrast full screen performance view, easy to see Mac screen even from a distance Musical instrument plug-in - Play or create various multi-sampled instruments through Sampler and Quick Sampler - Turn your favorite hardware synthesizer into a sampling instrument using the automatic sampler plugin - Alchemy, the ultimate sample processing synthesizer, quickly finds sounds or creates unique new sounds - Using Retro Synth to play classic '70s and' 80s synthesizer sounds - Used Vintage B3, Vintage Electric Piano and Vintage Clav to play the simulation model of classical keyboard - Play inspired sounds using a series of synthesizers that provide simulations, wave tables, frequency modulation, addition, particles, spectrum, and modeling synthesis - Play the Drum set provided by the Drum Kit Designer, which is deeply sampled, professionally mixed and completely customizable - Use Ultrabeat drums to play electronic beats # # # # # MIDI plug-in - With nine MIDI plug-ins, simple ideas can be turned into elaborate performances - Through automatic arpeggios, simple chords are instantly transformed into brilliant performance - Play single chords through chord triggers to trigger predefined chords - Use a shifter to play a part and match the notes to a particular scale Ideas and effects - Play sound through a variety of realistic acoustic Spaces or creative synthetic reverberations - Use a range of multi-beat, vintage tape and stereo delay effects - Use various modulation effects to add motion effects to the track - Get the perfect mix with a variety of old and modern equalizers, variations in dynamics, and other mixing tools Guitar and bass equipment - Build your own guitar or bass equipment using classical and modern amplifiers, speakers, and microphones through the Amp Designer - Custom pedals are designed using a series of delay, distortion, and modulation pedal turntables - Access the full screen tuner for quick tuning The ##### sound repository - More than 4300 Musical Instruments and effect patches - More than 1800 precision sampling instruments - 10,000 Apple segments in a variety of genres System and storage space requirements - Minimum system: macOS 10.15.5 - Minimum installation requirements: 6GB of available disk space/full sound repository installation requirements: 72GB of hard disk space

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