computermacOS >= OS X 10.8 or later
Support Big Sur Non Silicon M1
22.24 MB


Keymou is a keyboard enhancement tool for Mac. Sometimes a keyboard is more convenient than a mouse or trackpad, and Keymou gives you full control over the mouse pointer with keyboard shortcuts. Support for custom add shortcut actions. (I haven't got the actual use of this software yet, please tell me if you know.) Move the mouse - Move: Move in the specified direction, with user configurable step size, acceleration, and the option to limit the move to the current display range. Move the mouse by subdividing the screen - Indexing: Moving around the screen easily, but by subdividing the screen each time you move, you can quickly reset the target to zero. Move the mouse over any edge or corner of the screen - Move to edge/corner: Click to jump to any edge or corner of the screen. - Move the mouse over to another monitor - Move to another monitor: Move the mouse quickly to another monitor. In addition to the actions listed above, you can center the mouse, scroll, click, and right-click.

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