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2021-02-20 Music Sounds


For total control of your stereo field fiedler audio has a reputation for setting new standards.

Two years after developing the revolutionary reverberation algorithm at the heart of Brainworx’s bx_rooms, they have once again redefined the world of acoustical enhancement with stage – a plugin that uses trailblazing stereo-spatial processing methods to take good mixes and masters, and make them great.

Simply put, stage is here to give your mixes that final shine and depth you’ve heard on countless records, drawing out an inherent character you might not have even known your sounds possessed. By leveraging subtle delays, internal phase augmentation and modulation techniques, you can now effortlessly emphasize the natural depth and space of any natural recording or synthesized element. The result is an increase in overall definition and perceived size – all elusive qualities that in the end contribute to a type of sonic weight that will quickly become indispensable to your audio toolkit.

And just how is this possible? Under stage’s hood are mighty psychoacoustic algorithms that power the innovative panning and stereo alteration controls, giving engineers, sound designers, and electronic musicians the ability to sculpt their stereo image with minimal effort and maximum precision. Arrange your tracks from left to right, front to back or even diagonally if you like; enhance the ambience of your masters or go for wildly modulated effects. stage can do it all!

Inside stage are four innovative modules that give you access to stereo widening techniques such as the Haas effect, phase inversion, M/S signal processing, and a number of proprietary algorithms that ensure that your signal’s natural ambience and stereophonic composition is brought to its maximum potential while retaining phase coherence and ensuring that the processed signal doesn’t collapse when in mono.

Starting with the Input section, the Tilt control provides a quick way to fix unbalanced stereo recordings while the M/S knob can easily adjust the ratio of mid to side content. From there, stage’s four key parameters – Pan, Width, Size and Feedback – provide an intuitive means of creating the kind of massive stereo images common in modern studio recordings. By changing these parameters, you can effectively utilize the three-dimensional characteristics of your sounds and either push them back or bring them forward in the mix. This can not only help you unmask the various regions of the frequency spectrum but also provide each individual element its own space in the mix.

Positioning individual tracks with precision and constructing flawless mixes without losing dynamic range has never been easier. Even stage’s default preset will instantly add substance and tactility to your music; try it! In addition to its panoramic enhancement duties are a wide range of creative effects like stereo flanging and rotary speaker effects, all of which are perfect for instruments or vocals. Use a high Size setting and crank up the Feedback parameter on guitars to get a vintage spring reverb vibe, or max out the LFO and send your sounds into outer space!

stage also features an interface that is easy on the eyes and provides real-time visual feedback for your parameter adjustments. As you tweak the settings, two animated fields within the plugin window visualize the changes that are being made – don’t just hear the difference; see it too! For those who demand a more tactile approach to mixing, the GUI has also been optimized for use with touch screens––no more fiddling around with tiny knobs and error-prone buttons that require the use of a mouse!

So why not consolidate your stereo tools into one and give your music the stage it deserves? Activate the 14-day fully functional demo with your Plugin Alliance account today to hear for yourself!

– Fixed crashes/performance issues – Removed 32 bit support on macOS and Windows – Removed VST2 support

Tested, working on maOS Catalina & Big Sur

-Music, Sounds    By mactorrent

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