Mate Translate

computermacOS >= OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor
Support Big Sur Support Silicon M1
41.99 MB


Mate Translate for Mac is a Mac translation app that works in 103 languages and works on almost any device and platform, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and the Mac menu bar. Mate crosses the language barrier for you, instantly translating the text on any app for you. Translation efficiency is high, and has perfect accuracy, after reading disappear immediately, completely does not interfere with your work. Use hotkeys flexibly to learn the language anytime and anywhere. You'll find Mate just as natural to use as a native app. # # # # # - Completely impervious to the Great Firewall, Mate delivers fast and accurate translations wherever you are in China. - The most accurate translation: Mate's translation is highly humanized, almost comparable to human translation. - 103 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and countless other languages. Is there Luxembourgish or even Zulu? Some! See what languages are available. - Highest level of security. We don't track you, we don't spy on you, and we don't share your data with anyone. In fact, Mate is the most secure translation app. - Synchronize all platforms: Synchronize your translation records and saved phrases to all devices. - Dark mode: Provides both bright and dark modes, as natural as built in. ##### Learn languages with Mate - Perfect pronunciation: Mate directly reads the translation for you, standard pronunciation, while also displaying intuitive pronunciation for you. - Easy to watch Netflix: Tap on a word on the caption while watching a video to enjoy super-fast translation and add to a phrase set without pausing the video. - Phrase set: You can save your phrases by category to make language learning more efficient. Keep it handy when traveling. - Full reference: provides the gender of nouns and all synonyms to help you flexibly use appropriate wording. Translate on any application - Right click: Easily right-click to translate any selected field without any trouble. - Hotkeys: Use Option+Shift+T to translate, or set the hotkeys according to personal habits. - In the menu column: Mate is in your menu column, at the top of the screen. Even when the screen is full, it opens and closes smoothly in front of other apps. - PopClip: Select the PopClip field and click Mate to translate immediately. ##### Built-in Safari expansion suite - Double click: Two clicks on any word will immediately bring up a low-key pop-up window with a reference translation. - Select all content: No matter how much text you want to translate, as long as you select the whole text, the translation will be displayed immediately. - Complete use experience: translate the whole page, easily convert the original into translation, complete reference.

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