computermacOS >= OS X 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor
Non Support Big Sur Non Silicon M1
190.8 MB


Bible is an offline Bible app for Mac with a beautiful user interface and interactive experience to help you learn the Bible quickly. Support for syncing tagged diaries, sermons, and prayers with iCloud. Main features: - Search for text with chapter and text number - Reduce or increase the font size - 12 background color theme styles - 10 font styles - Increase or decrease voice speed - Changes the background color of the presentation view - Search the Bible using the title, scripture - Find highlighted verses classified by different colors - Save the diary to another folder - Add sermon: Voice record - Over 600 Bible editions/translations - At the bottom, both the diary and the sermon sections add characters and lines - Add attachments (documents, photos, files) to each diary and save them in the application. You just click on the thumbnail to view the attachment - Desktop widget that displays "Daily Text" in two different backgrounds (light and dark) - Access daily poetry in the notification center. Users can add an App Extension to the notification center and browse the Daily Verse - Add more than 600 Bible versions/translations to the application - Keep a journal or notes and keep them for future reference

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